We steal pages, deal with it! :D (UPDATE 11.10.2018)



OOOPS, we did it again!
Thanks to good-hearted people like @ChrisD we’ve managed to get a good page back for an outsider. Again, when we approached the original owner we were labeled scammers, but we understand. People have a hard time trusting others after they’ve been basically robbed. Long story short, not only did @ChrisD masterfully manipulated the scammer, we were able to get his real details (bank info, real name), so we will report him to the Pakistani cyber devision. Yes, yet again, users from Pakistan are giving us the most problems. The page the original owner lost was mostly built via paid ads, so we’re talking a huge potential loss here if the scammer was successful. Thankfully, he wasn’t, and another soul was saved :smiley:


I should probably think about a new title for this topic, new members will quickly NOPE out of this site after seeing titles like that :smiley: - Waiting for topic title ideas.


Good work guys :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2: keep it up


I just thought about it haha.


Thank you guys!
This guy hacked my page and he was harassing me and my business partner.
He had lots of fake accounts and contacted us from all of them.
I contacted Facebook and they told me to make a notarized declaration with the proof that the page is actually mine.
I did that (spent some money on that) send it to FB and still no actions.
SO thank you for that.
The page was hacked on 16 September so …a lot of time.


Thanks for joining. That’s odd though, some of our users were able to get their pages back the next day after sending in motorized letters. Perhaps Romanian pages don’t receive the same amount of support as US pages.


Good work guys, the community appreciates it!


Just read through this whole thread. I really appreciate all the hard work and time the Swapd staff has put into recovering these hacked accounts. As a potential buyer I feel a lot better about purchasing through the site.