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For social media properties you could also do this:
-> Swapd secures Social media property
-> Buyer pays Swapd fee via bank
-> Buyer pays remaining amount to seller via TW
-> Seller confirms, buyer gets property

I know Flipmass did it like this in the past and it worked pretty well (at least for IG accounts)

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Is Flipmass still around?

They re-launched their marketplace almost around a half year ago. But the fact they charge $30 for people to see the accounts for sale + they completely changed the format; no chats are allowed, completely ruined the platform from my experience.

They changed the platform to a CPI/CPC platform because the 10% fee on transactions was not profitable for them (idk how that’s possible) and now they tried it with subscriptions to see the accounts.

Very unfortunate, as there were good clients & accounts on there before.


OK. Long story short, after calling banks only two allow such wires. One (Bank PKO) said yes, but you need a corporation with 30m yearly volume to access the feature. The second one (Santander), said no limits (I hope) but they can’t provide tracking. However, SWIFT GPI is available so tomorrow I will set up an account and do a few test payouts.

Santander said the wires are instant to banks who belong to the group, but he said there are 790 different bank branches across the world that participate in the program.

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If you need help with the test payouts lmk :v:t4:

One problem with this. Wire fees x2

Nope, didn’t. It turns out Santander has this, but they don’t have tracking. However, they said most wires will get there in less than 24 hours (many in 30 min). Over 790 banks worldwide support this. Tomorrow we will test this out.

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Over 1000 banks.

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I wonder what the rates are, we will know tomorrow. But still, when you consider the fact that the end-user has to pay TW (usually) for moving the funds from TW to their bank account, the end result may be similar.

Not sure if anyone has suggested it. But Venmo could work. Not sure on a large scale but just throwing it out there

From what I’ve read, TransferWise utilizes SWIFT GPI :slight_smile: This means every SWAPD member who uses it could potentially send us payments in less than a day. Testing begins today.

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New company account set up but it’s not all good news. After digging in further, it turns out every bank along the way (and wires usually hit 2-3 banks before they reach their destination) has to belong in the SWIFT GPI network, otherwise, things won’t go as fast. We will test this new account this week, so PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK the wire info as we are changing it right now.

We will keep you updated on the results.

Idk about others but i paid $40-50 sometimes more fee when using tw and i pay pretty much the same with regular wire.

Yes, TW is weird like that. Sometimes they charge a lot.

There is also the option of sending the wire as express (regular wires) it’s really important to the seller, but they run an additional 30-60 USD.

We’re currently pending a few wires to our new account, not getting my hopes up. So far not a single (as claimed) wire yet, and it’s been 4 hours. However, I will be satisfied (and I hope most of you too), if the majority of the payments make it in within 24 hours.


We’ve tested two TransferWise payments. From the time they were approved on the sender’s end by TransferWise, the funds reached us in 8 and 10 hours! So, it seems our operation will be marginally slowed for users with TW. We’re now testing regular bank to bank wires.

Just read about a new banking/fintech startup called Mercury. Might be worth a look!

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Update, we found an alternative! (A faster bank)

For more info, please see: New payment/payout changes. Please read!

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