What’s with the influx of dead pages with high price tags?

I am a daily reader of swapd, always looking to buy, flip, sell etc but man oh man. Lately there has been no leads on buyer requests, a lot of pages are dead with astronomical price points. Some even swapd mark as premium :frowning:

I’d recommend looking through the sellers page, and leaving a “ @Swapd thought“ of what they think it’s worth, otherwise this will turn into a thrift store of instagram accounts, sort though 100 things to find one good one.

I’m bored, stuck in my house, let me vent :joy:

We don’t have the man power for reviewing every single listing, sorry. But show me some of those premium ones which were marked wrong, I will go over them again.

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Maybe your definition of premium vs mine is different

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I do agree on the price tags problem.
Everything seems to expensive to buy.

Things are going out of hand in some listings, but there’s also a lot of low ball buyers that wanna squeeze you to sell something below it’s value.

Hence I’d rather up the bar and have them make an offer, rather than letting them take over and low ball your honest offer.

Cause at the end of the day everyone makes deals that suit them…

Take you for example: you offered me a page in the adult niche without og email and 10% US and in exchange you wanted to trade for one with 50%+ US and og email but only add little to no money, making it a very unfair deal for me, so at the end of the day, we all watch out for our own profit.

That’s the only reason you made this topic, cause you can’t find affordable deals.

Swapd isn’t a place to buy from @coehn and have it resold on swapd to make profit…

Swapd is a place where you have a client ready and you can pick one of many accounts that @coehn’s offers and sell them to your client.

I’ve personally done that with a lot of members here and never complained about their “quality/price/etc”.

Why? Because I made the deal work for me at my own terms, not dependent on anyone else.

Now you can ask sellers for discounts or explain your offer to them, if it works cool, if not, move on.

Most people here see my “$3000” price tag and be like “too pricey - bye”.

No sir, if you really interested in my property you would’ve made that clear because you would actually want to add it to your inventory!

Rather a problem of leads if anything.

Thanks if you read all this! Stay safe y’all.

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I offered a trade, you said $400 on top of it, I said that’s too steep as you evaluated my page at way less than I can sell for, that was the end of that conversation lol

However, I wasn’t there to argue, I took your side.

Also, I think everyone on here knows Coehn rapes on price. Most of his pages he asks prices as if the page are in tip top shape.

I also disagree that site isn’t for buying a flipping, I have only seen a handful of accounts on here that are worth the asking price.

I bought a 1m page on here, no haggle from a vip seller because he priced it what it was worth.

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I’ve been at a position where no one would buy my properties when I listed them at their honest price.

Only way I could end up selling them on honest price was by listing them X3 , so buyer felt it was right when he got it at X1 (real price), otherwise that X1 becomes X0.5/4 real quick.



I don’t argue, I am glad you shared your side of the story, we all make a living on the Internet, Instagram has been my only source of income since 2013, in a lot of ways it’s ruined, everyone used engagement groups, boosts, powerlikes so you truly don’t know what you’re buying anymore. It’s super easy to fake numbers to get that sale.

I’m sure you’ve been burnt 1000 times before.

I would love to plan a way, to get every big page owner on swapd together and offer insane services ONLY available through swapd.


Amen :raised_hands:

And @All4hype I see you complaining on my prices almost daily. Let’s be honest, do you think I price them on my experience of selling accounts or your opinion as a reseller?

In fact I sell a lot of accounts to people which sell them to big business / brands. I buy accounts on Swapd and sometimes I even resell them on Swapd. You can say the initial seller got short, but on the other side I’m offering a price in the preferred payment method of the seller, I pay almost instant & the seller knows he has an honest buyer.

If we’re talking on my buyer’s side. They don’t have the hustle to search on Instagram and contact 100 people to find 1 person to sell his account to them (which takes a lot of time). Especially in this kind of business you have a lot of people scamming. You don’t even want to know how many PayPal disputes I have to open yearly. People don’t have to deal with that kinda headache if you buy from me. They know what they’re going to get. I wait for the right buyer. You can think that’s overpriced, but I keep selling accounts & people are coming back for new accounts.

I’m looking for an end user not for a reseller. I fact, I don’t care to wait 2 years to finally sell an account.

I’m kinda tired of you keep saying I have ra§e prices and I don’t even know if I have to explain my prices.


I don’t care what you’re tired of tbh

Your pages aren’t worth the price that’s why you bump them for months with no sales.

I’m kind of tired of you listing your pages at prices as if they are top tier.

You buy them cheap, boost them, them sell at unreasonable prices.

End of story

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If you only seen some of @coehn’s recent purchases and pending tickets, you would never say that again.

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This is the stuff I’m talking about,
Even swapd chimes in to defend its long term users lmao.

Yes swapd, I’m sure he buys some decent pages, thanks for your input. That does not stray away from the fact that he asks to much.

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No one is arguing, just people sharing opinions.

You guys came to my thread to chime in,

I share a simple “ should this be premium “ and you guys lecture.

you guys have been around on this site a lot longer than I have, so I ask questions trying to familiarize myself with how swapd works and even the admins chime in, like what :joy::joy:

When we mark something premium it doesn’t mean it’s actually premium until we fully look into it, it’s just a general guide that says “hey, this looks good on the surface, you should look into it.” That’s why we go by “initial glances” which I tend to mention every time I mark something premium.

Everything is marked premium on SWAPD if:

  • It has 50% US/CA/AU/UK audience
  • Has some traffic
  • Is over 20K followers
  • Nothing too obviously wrong
  • It wasn’t grown via automation

So you see, the threshold isn’t high for getting the tag. If we tagged something wrong then usually the community lets us know, and we remove the tag right away. I am fairly sure we’re right about 80% of the times when tagging things based on our 5-10 second glances.

As far as prices go and your comments.
I sold a 200 USD Twitter once for 10,000 USD. Should I have not sold it? Would you stop the buyer from paying that much if he offered it, @All4hype? The value of social properties is highly subjective. To anyone making 500 USD per week, everything will be expensive on SWAPD. To someone who dabbles in SM and makes 50K per month, not so much. I personally want to weed out all small listings from SWAPD, I want SWAPD to be the Bentley of SM sites when it comes to social properties. That’s why we keep the fees high, but people still post small-end stuff here. So if you’re hoping things will get cheaper on SWAPD, don’t. Because the staff is working to keep smaller fish at bay. It may sound harsh, but that’s my personal goal. There are tons of sites that allow anything to be listed, we don’t want that here.

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That’s not what I am saying but it’s good to know what defines a premium.

Now I know. Was that hard?

If you have a page with 1 follower and ask $10k then the username better be fantastic lol

I understand people asking High prices on those

But when you have a 210k with a username like hotbabezzz73_. And want $5000 and the last 30 images have 658 likes and 2 comments is when i get suspect


No, not agreed. Because that’s kind of something I’ve sold for 10K :slight_smile:

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Lmao I guess it’s the case of having a classic car with high miles and rusted fenders

Someone will pay for it because it’s what they have been looking for their whole life

I only told Coehn his stuff was too high because I thought this was a resellers market

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You made it personal again with:

I got tagged in this topic, that’s why I respond.

I suggest you to check my topics if you think I don’t have sales…:

All I’m going to say about this…


Didn’t even think of it being a end user, so for that I apologize.

Just trying to learn the platform and not make enemies here