Wikipedia mentoring + free account with 1,000 + edits

I’m selling the most applicable Wikipedia guide out there. This is based on my personal experience for over a year and experience from experts.

It includes:

  • Know what SWAPD PR that meets Wikipedia eligibility. - This is super important. If you have the wrong PR, you may never be allowed on Wikipedia again.

  • The main guidelines you need to know.

  • How to run multiple accounts without getting in trouble.

  • How to word articles and Wikipedia pages.

  • When to disclose that you’re a paid editor or not.

I’ll be providing personal help, of course.

And, this includes a free account with over 1,000 edits, just as a courtesy.

The high number of edits inherently give the accounts trust and special permissions like creating pages, which allows you to create Wikipedia articles for clients under extended protection.

  • I personally charge about $400 for one article creation, so you will earn back your investment with just some learning and work.
  • I’ll be available to help you when you create an article for a client! If it gets flagged for deletion, I can help defend your article with my team of experienced editors.

Mentoring price: $500


Send me a DM. Is this for Real one that we can get to stick for clients?