Wikipedia Page Creation Service (Cheapest!)

Service type: Wikipedia Page Creation

Price: 700$

Description: This service creates a wikipedia page for individuals or businesses looking to increase their online credibility.

Getting your own Wikipedia page is great for credibility, SEO and can even be used to help get social handles verified!

PM me your details and any media mentions you have to assess eligibility. There may be a delay in communication as i will have to communicate with the writer and publisher i employ to carry out the tasks.

In the case that a wikipedia page is taken down within 3 months after approval we will resubmit with additional links. If this fails buyers will be offered a 50% refund.

So if it fails we only get half back? Probably safer bet paying one of the verified people here I guess.

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No if it doesn’t get listed at all then of course you will receive a full refund. The 50% is only if the page is taken down after being approved and live for a while. We offer this guarantee for 3 months unlike some sellers on here who charge considerably more and only guarantee for a month. Hope that clarifies some things!

Cheers, makes a lot more sense. Going to drop you a PM

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Not a single ticket was successful + the user IGNORES tickets for 6-7 days per reply. User banned for a month, and he is no longer allowed to sell this service here.

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