Win 100 USD (in BTC) for submitting the funniest social media related meme! SWAPD contest time! - We have a winner!


To have a little fun, we’re launching a small contest. The winner gets 100 USD (in BitCoin), no strings attached.
All you have to do to win is:

  1. Upload a meme related to what we do (social media/buying/selling/promo/etc).
  2. Have your post gain the most likes (from other SWAPD members).

We will tally up the most liked posts at the end of the month when this contest officially ends!
You can submit multiple posts, and you can vote on any post you like. We only ask you to make something original and don’t post things you find online.


  1. Staff can upload memes, but their submissions won’t be counted.
  2. If there are two or more memes with the same amount of likes, we will split the winnings evenly.

That’s it! Pretty easy, no? OK, let me start:


pinned globally #2


Forgot to add. Staff can’t participate in the contest.



But they can add memes! :smiley: The votes on memes posted by staff will not count, by the way.







Lmao holy ■■■■ thats good :smiley:






Scammers be like:







lmfao !!!


Keep posting memes :slight_smile:

You’re making my competitors to be out of ideas for memes. easy win


@Alpha is killing it.


Some people be like: