YouTube Automation Service - I will Create Content for your YouTube Channel

Service type: Video Production for YouTube
Price: See Packages Below

YouTube can be a very tricky platform to grow on, especially if you are not the most experienced in creating high-quality content and using the right SEO methods to rank in the YouTube algorithm. Most channels fail because they simply cannot produce the same quality as their niche competitors and then have no choice but to quit a few weeks or months in because the channel isn’t making any significant progress. Rest assured, with my trained team of professional scriptwriters, voice actors and actresses, and of course editors, outranking your competitors will no longer be an issue!

Content Creation:
I can create any length of a video, in the niche you require. We have a full team of Professional Script Writers, Native-Speaking Voice Actors and Actresses and Video Editors that work for us from all across the globe.

  • Basic: 3-5 Minute Video $50+
  • Standard: 8-10 Minute Video $85+
  • Premium: 11-15 Min Video $110+

Beware that the prices listed above can vary depending on the niche you require your video in. PM me to find out exactly how much you can expect to pay for a video that suits your needs!

In addition, if you require any custom-length videos, or have any special requests please send me a PM and I will make you a custom offer according to your needs. :smiley:

About Me:
I’ve been active in the YouTube space for 3+ years now, launching and maintaining many of my own cashcow channels, but also helping dozens of clients increase their traffic and reach by providing high-end content. Through my vast understanding of how the YouTube algorithm works, I’ve been able to satisfy every single client of mine so far. If you would like to see any testimonials or reviews feel free to PM me and I will show you some of our work. :wink:

Do you have any testimonials or proof of work?
Of coure! I am happy to share channel links and screenshots of analytics of our channels with you. Simply PM me and let me know what you want to see!

What do you need from me to start?
You need to provide me with some sort of content plan so that I know the video topics and how many videos have to be delivered in a certain timeframe. It would also be helpful if you could send me a video or channel of the quality and style you want to see in your videos!

Where is your team from and how do I know they will provide me with quality work?
We have a very diverse group of freelancers from all around the world, ranging from the US, to Europe and even Asia! But again, I can send you a portfolio of videos we’ve produced once you send me a PM :wink:

What if we have any issues with copyright?
In all the time we’ve been doing this, we’ve never had any issues with copyright. If there turns out to be an issue, though. We are happy to revise and fix our mistakes for FREE!

How long does it take for me to receive my videos?
Once everything has been discussed and the checkout ticket has started I usually take one week per video, if it’s more urgent, though, we can, of course, add an additional fee for fast delivery.

Hey, send me an example of previous work/growth and have you done motivational videos 8-10 min so far?

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Interested, please share the sample of your best work.

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sent Pm

sent a PM

pm sent

Hi, can you send me some examples of your work?


Same please


Can you send me examples and channel links?

I just spent $10k today off-site for videos to be made. I’m interested Please check your DM