Youtube channel 25k organic fitness and food

Amount of subscribers: 25k
Country of subscribers (majority): Mexico, Colombia, USA.
Topic/Niche: adelgaza
Promotion methods used? Organico (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):

Description: Canal me ha dado $6000 dolares en 3 años, me desmonetizaron por tener video com voz de robot… ya quite esos videos y ahora estoy ya por 400 horas en un mes. Tengo 25.000 usuarios orgánicos y tbm incluyo cuenta de instagram 9700 del mismo canal. Una ganga solo de subir videos.


Done… i have uploaded… Pls ket me know if you need anything else…

Relisted, thank you.

Can you send me a link of channel and IG ?

Can i have your username please

Can you send me a link of channel please ?

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