YouTube channel : Monetization Approved (15k subs)

Amount of subscribers: 15,482
Country of subscribers (majority): Russia
Topic/Niche: viral/ news
Promotion methods used? Paid social panel views and engagement (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):

Description: so this is a youtube channel I purchased a while back… never really did much with it just because I have so many other YouTube channel I’m working on so I might as well sell it. Important things to take note of is that this channel has a Russian audience that do engage with your post. This channel is monetized approved so all you have to do is connect your google adsense account and start earning money. Now it’s up to you if you want to try to convert this channel to a different niche or gain a USA audience. Might take some time but it can be done. Let me know if you are interested. *all videos are private/deleted because I was going to convert this page to another niche but I didn’t have the time.

Can anyone verify that simply adding an Adsense would work?

To me it will work. 95% chances are there that it would be immediately monetized. But you never know YouTube. Get ready for 5% bad luck.
@EverMejia In Video Manger, Grey Dollar sign is showing or globe sign?

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I’ve already been making some money from old videos and added my google adsense. But I removed it, so that is why it says disabled but it is approved by the YouTube program. So all you have to do is have a google Adsense account.

300 now

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