[YouTube] Cheap Growth/Promotion Deal! Organic activity!


I’ve decided to finally offer a YouTube promotion service here on SWAPD as I know this has been lacking.

What am I offering?
To keep it curt, I’m selling end screen promotion (across all uploaded videos on the channel) and community shoutout/giveaway posts on my 1.3m football channel. As of right now I do not offer a guaranteed amount of views/subscribers this will gain you, but I can guarantee whatever does come in is 100% organic.

Here is a screenshot of current stats the channel is pulling:

Endscreen Promotion:
$200 per week
$40 per day (*minimum 3 days)

Community Post:
$100 per post

If you have any questions just shoot me a PM. *Please note that prices are fluid and negotiable as of right now due to this being a new offer.


Can you send me details, I have someone who may be interested


PM me some details


send me details, thanks


What’s the channel name and can my channel link be in the description for the day as well?


I should be able to do that, just get back to me.


Have you had any sales yet. If so, What seems to be the average growth?

hello seems interesting , can i ask for a trial so i can see the possible result , if its ok ?

PMed! @collennes @Blum


What seems to be the average growth?

@Alpha made a successful deal with this service already? :slight_smile:

PMed. @ReeceWard10

Yes, I’ll PM you. @erku

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can you PM me mate