Youtube Monetized Tech Channel

Amount of subscribers: 1.22k
Country of subscribers (majority): India and Pakistan
Topic/Niche: Technology
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: Youtube tech related fresh monetized channel for sell, Channel is good and active and has no violation or copyright strikes…

Link please

Check PM please

link please

Check PM, Link sended

No thanks. It doesn’t even have 4000 watch hours so as soon as youtube check it, it will be de-monetised as it doesn’t meet monetisation requirements.

Common, it’s already monetized lol… When you reach 1k subs 4k watch time you manually apply for monetization and then youtube manually go through the channel to check it and then accept it for monetization, then why would youtube de monetized it :thinking:

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Yes, but I have looked at the videos and I think you have put through fake watch hours to boost the watch time. Anyway, it is not worth $300 to me.

How can I put fake watch hours? Can you please explain this? You think youtube isn’t detecting activities like this? Bro, this isn’t 2010 or 2015 it’s 2020 and youtube now a single thing what a creator is doing how he is getting subs how he is getting views,… bot, panel fake subs etc are no more… Youtube knows each and everything and now a days they manually check each channel and then accept them for the monetization…

BTW I would love to hear from you the best offer

My friend has used botted views from an Indian seller THIS YEAR to get watch hours above 4000 on his own youtube channel. After he did this, youtube monetised it. I know how it works.

Well, that only your friend do such things not everyone… I got views manually and monetize it… No fake no bot…

Would, Love to hear from your the best offer

Update: Turkey is top Country

Send me link pla

Check PM please

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