YOUTUBE Private Multi-Channel Network (MCN) For Sale


Amount of subscribers: 230,000 plus more on other channels on the network
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: MCN
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic engagement with viewers. Some paid promos a few year back

Description: For sale is my personal Youtube channel from 2006. This channel has the ability to Network other channels. I have been running several in house channels through the network for years. My channel is a turn key solution for any business wanting to create a full scale Network on youtube. The channel has potential for massive income for a dedicated team to run it. The MCN channel features include:

  • Content ID (claims, assets, campaigns, and including appeals)
  • Full Monetization of networked channels (paid feature)
  • Super Chat
    -Full network analytics
  • Invite channel linking
  • Full reports and network channel reports and more

My MCN channel also comes with all the linked channels, in turn you will have all the channels on the network. All channels on the network has a clean bill of health with 0 strikes. The sale of this channel is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wants to really get into the MCN business and have a turn key solution without the denials from Youtube for these features. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


how much money have you made with it so far and how much in the past 6months?


I’m also curious to see how much the channel/network has made lifetime.


Please check PM, i’m interested on this MCN.


I like the price tag! It’s not 900K, its 899! :smiley: Good luck with sales and thank you for listing on SWAPD.


The problem with using analytical data for the past 6 months is Youtube’s Algo. We are in the process of liquidation and for the past year I have not posted much, therefore the numbers are down. The networks ability to monetize channels, content ID, etc are what makes it extremely valuable. You have to remember that ALL the channels on the network are in house channels. I did not do a maker studios and bring in everyone from the outside. I kept it small with only channels we created. Even though I probably should have brought outsiders in, unfortunately I did and do not have the the resource to do that on youtube. Please send me a PM if you have any other questions. Thanks


Even though the numbers are down, we’re all pretty keen to see how much your network has made lifetime. We understand that recent revenue may not be as high due to inactivity, but that doesn’t totally negate all the past income.


Please send the links to the channels. Thanks


sent you a PM


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PM me Stanae with your inquiry. thanks




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Hey mate, i’m keen and ready to buy. Drop me a message to discuss.


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Did anyone want to see more data?


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