Youtube Verification, Verification Badge ☑️ Yt channel on your desired name

Hello Friends

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I’m offering Verification Badge :ballot_box_with_check: Yt channel with your desired name. These channels will be above 100k subs. You can choose channel of your choice and I will verify it with your name and logo. If you have requirement of minimum subs , can fulfill that too.

Channel Size - 100k to 10M

Price vary from $1k-20k (depends on subs and monetisation status of channels )

Answer to few queries

  1. These channels will be organic
  2. These channels will be clean ( Free of strikes )
  3. These channels will be monetised or monetizable
  4. Name change is possible in Future ( can be rebadged)

Delivery Time - 6 Hrs 24 Hrs ( can take few days in some case but not in all )

Payment - USDT/Crypto ( Fees on Buyer )

PM for more discussion