YouTube Verified Channel on Your Desired Name with over 100k Subscribers

Service type: Verified YouTube Channel

I will provide you with a fully customizable, Verified YouTube channel on your desired username. Channels have 100k-150k subscribers, if you would like a larger amount you can ask me on DM if they are available.

Advantages of the Verified YouTube channel:

  • Credibility and Authenticity: The verification badge serves as a mark of authenticity, indicating to your audience that your channel is the legitimate one.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The presence of a verification badge in search results significantly boosts the visibility of your channel.
  • Copyright Protection: With verification, you have the ability to submit copyright claims, ensuring your content is shielded against unauthorized use.

Price: Depends on subscribers amount, monetization status, starting at 700$ + fees

TAT: 24-48h