05.10.2019 - New and additional policies on Unique Services. All sellers please read

Long story short, we have tons of tickets that drag on for weeks from service providers who promise the world and then can’t deliver. Tickets that were supposed to be completed in five days (max), drag on for weeks, sometimes even months. This problem leaves buyers unhappy, and unhappy buyers tend to leave SWAPD forever. It’s no secret many SWAPD members own reputable businesses, ventures, websites, etc. They’re high-budget clients, and this is why many newbies come in here hoping they can score easy money with a little luck. They create these unrealistic listings for verifications/merges/claims with promises of knowing someone on “the inside.” But reality taught us it’s mostly lies, and we can count on one hand the people who actually have real insiders here. These unverified/new service providers use other middlemen, or someone with a media portal access, or they basically contact support and hope for the best. We don’t have a problem with the methodology if it works, but we do have a problem with false promises and lies, this is why we’re making the following changes.

Starting today, all service providers will have to declare the following inside their tickets and apply these guidelines:

1. Realistic time of completion.

We already do this. We ask sellers to state the time of completion. However, we were laxed on this rule. If the seller asked for an extension and the buyer agreed, no problem. This stops now. Now, sellers have to state the exact time and date. Extensions will not be tolerated, even if asked by the buyers. If you pass the deadline, the ticket will be closed. Simple as that. You will receive a negative transaction badge, and your topic will have a staff member post an opinion on the service. There will be some exemptions because we know nothing is 100%, but for the most part, every uncompleted service will be known to everyone.

2. Realistic probability of things working out.

We already do this, also. However, if you say you have an insider, but the service isn’t 100%, we will close the ticket on the spot, or even ban you. If your insider can’t get it done, then he/she is useless, and don’t boast that you have a plug. Services that aren’t 100% will no longer receive any option for pre-payment (not even BTC) unless you have three successful transactions.

3. Be honest about your service.

If you’re upselling services of other SWAPD members without their knowledge and agreement, you will be banned. If you’re upselling services from other websites, that is fine. But let the buyers know this. Why? Because sellers rely on someone else to do the job, and they’re unable to update the buyer on the status unless they hear from their provider (and who knows how good their provider is). This leaves tickets unanswered for days, with buyers begging for an update. This ends now, also. If you’re caught upselling without notifying others about this, we will revoke your rights to sell services on SWAPD.

4. Update your buyers frequently.

If someone is paying X,XXX-XX,XXX digits for a service, he/she deserves more than a single update every 3-4 days. Sellers who do not update their buyers frequently will get a temporary suspension and may have their listing terminated. There will be exceptions such as weekends/holidays and emergency cases, where the seller really couldn’t get to a computer.

5. Prepayments.

As stated in point #2, unless you have three successful transactions in the particular service you’re offering, we will no longer accept any pre-payments what-so-ever (if you can’t firmly state that you can get it done 100%). Not even BTC. The risk of the buyers not paying will fall onto sellers. Although this hasn’t happened yet, we will not leave you hanging if that does happen. We will try to apply pressure on the buyer and collect the payment. But in the end, if we’re unable to obtain the payment, the seller has to take the loss. In our opinion, SWAPD is a place where members can make a lot of money, many members already do. It’s worth it to prove yourselves here and go through this process. If you state that you can get it done 100%, and then we collect the payment and you don’t deliver, you may get terminated from SWAPD and you will be responsible for the money transfer fee.

As with anything, each ticket is individual, and circumstances will be different. We will be considerate if true, and unpredictable problems arise for a seller. But starting today, services are in strict mode. Sellers better revaluate their listings, wording, timeframes of completion, and success probability.

Thank you for reading.


Thank you for this

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