1.2 Million subscriber Verified Youtube Channel

Amount of subscribers: 1.2 million
Country of subscribers (majority):
Topic/Niche: Music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):

Description: i am selling my verified fully monitised 1.2 million subscribers Youtube channel, ive been running it for a while now and sell $200 uploads onit and have done 80 in a year so far. it comes with a 12k follower soundcloud page as well and a 100k+ follower iG Account under the same name.


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I thought someone offered already 75 eth. That deal didn’t went through?



Pm me

Hey :wave:
I want this channel :heart_eyes:

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Verify your account :+1:t2:

What’s the total revenue for last year?
Do you have proof of revenue? How much revenue in monetization was done last year and do you have proof of the $16k in uploads that you claim to have done?

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please message channel info

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Have done

Available for 60k today :sunglasses:

C/o offsite is 45k

Handle pls

Pm me

Available for 50k today!

Dope channel bro :ok_hand:

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Still available

he is selling it coz it’s dead. and it’s not getting profit anymore and 40k$ price is a joke

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