1.2M Follower Twitter Account, Travel Related

Amount of followers: 1.2M
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: Earth/Travel
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): None.

Description: I have an old Twitter account that has 1.2m followers from a few years ago that was grown simply by posting travel content. It hasn’t been active in awhile, but it still will pick up decent engagement if reactivated.

Comes with OGE?

Unfortunately, OG email is on a private domain (non-gmail) so it’s impossible, but I’m happy to provide identity and reputation proof with the full back story of how the account grew.

Price ! ?


Price and handle

price and handle

Please send me the handle and price

price and handle please

Updating with recent tweet metrics:


How much is this?

Please dm handle and current offer

interested ! share handle name and price

price please


Still waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

DM Price

Check your PM, very interested!