1.6m Food TV show Facebook page - Verified Badge - Big fan base

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 1.6m
Topic/Niche: TV show
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

I am selling this page with high potential. If you know how to monetize it you will be rich.

Page Quality is Green :white_check_mark:

High Reach on Posts :white_check_mark:

No Monetization Violations :white_check_mark:


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link please

Link and best offer


link and best offer pls.

Link please and price

I’m interested please provide link in PM and also send me your demand.

Hi seller. Nice page, but it is clearly about Anthony Bourdain who was much loved tragically committed suicide. I’m a bit confused how you think someone will make money on it because if you post anything other than Anthony Bourdain photos, you will get a tonne of hate. Following the hate you will get a stack of reports, Facebook will look at the page and then remove the tick or kill the page off. Am I missing something?


Emphasis on the know how :wink:

two words though: Amazon Affiliates. GLWS OP!

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The page is about his show not him

Posting old stuff about the show will be ok.

If some one get the copyright for the show and repost it on Facebook , I think this will be ok. idk

Hi, could you send me price and link?

Hi, I’m interested in the page. Would you send the URL to me please? Also what’s the current offer and how much are you looking for?

Please send current best offer I have to beat.

Please send me current best offer and page link.

Please pm your price

Pleaee DM price

Please send link and current price please

Link and price please

Yes bro you’re missing basic knowledge of monetisation.

This is a great page only if one know how to make use of it.
For example:

1.Video content about the life / quotes / pictures / memoirs of Anthony Bourdain.

2.One can do print on demand ecom as it has the great emotional fanbase so the conversion rate would be high…

3.Can drive good traffic on web which is totally about Anthony.

Alot of things can be done and it can make good money!

@tahlch good luck with the sales mate! Awesome page.