[#1] [FAST][48 HRS] YouTube Username/URL Claim Service! 5+ Characters [OG Names]

YouTube Username claim Service! Get your desired YouTube username!

I am offering a YouTube username claim service. Get your desired or needed username. 5+ character requirements.

YouTube username claim will be transferred to the YouTube of your liking. The request is done via YouTube rep. I can claim anything 5+ character. We cannot claim previously transferred usernames. Meaning if @Publishes was already claimed via submission with YouTube it cannot be claimed/transferred to another account.


  • YouTube Channel Link of desired username
  • Link of channel that new username is going to (Must have 100+ Subs)
  • 48 Hours
  • 5+ Character (All 1 Letters Claimed)

Price: Starts at $850 + Swapd fees
Depends on @ and difficulty
Payment Methods: Crypto and USDT

Why claim your YouTube username?
-Keep all handles the same across social media
-Claim your brands name or business
-Build your online status

After username is successfully claimed I am not responsible for your YouTube account. All requests are done through an official YouTube rep. In the rare case the claim has failed a full 100% refund will be provided.

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Publishes was able to claim a username for a client of mine within a few hours of submitting. Highly recommend using their service for claiming or verification!

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Appreciate that! Taking additional name requests! Hit me up!

Taking new claim requests! Hit me up!

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Taking new claims! Hit me up!

Taking new url claims hit me up!

Taking new url claims!

Taking new url requests! Hit me up!

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This topic is now a paid Feature Listing! Thank you and good luck with sales :slight_smile:


Good luck

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Claiming 5+ character user hit me up

Still doing url claim hit me up!

Taking URL claims still! Hit me up to get your URL today!

Still taking url claims!

Sent you a DM a few days ago.

Can you please resend it? I must have missed it my apologies.

Claims paused now.