#1 Instagram*** TLD to touch Swapd. No Reserve

Domain - InstagramAnlaytics.com

Keywords - Instagram Analytics

Attached is a Semrush report & Google Trends URL.

Report.pdf (105.9 KB)

Google Trends


Happy Bidding!

Anyone who buys this is going to struggle a lot on ranking not really worth 5k

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The traffic on that particular keyword will always be higher but it doesn’t means it’s related to that particular domain

The site doesn’t even comes up in search

Neither it has any backlinks or search traffic or anything

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Thanks for your input.

I do not feel as if I need to defend your claims against my listing as it speaks for itself to a knowledgeable person indulged in this niche.

As a Godaddy Corporate Partner and 2x Empire flipper seller I can assure you your opinions are just opinions.
As well as biased.

It doesn’t come up on search because clearly I’m selling the domain…If I wanted it to come up in search I would build a website or cash park it.

All the possible positive vibes that could have been said and your first message under my listing is self projection negativity.

I’ll be sure to wish you luck on your next listing!

Now… time for me to get back to eating my Ben and Jerry’s “Half Baked” ice cream.

You should try it :wink:


Amen! @Ticker

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What’s to stop Instagram filing a claim and getting the domain suspended?

I’ve owned domains in the past that included amazon and these got suspended after a trademark claim by Amazon

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A business name, a domain name, and a trademark are all different things; however, a business name and/or a domain name may be used as a trademark if they are used as a source identifier for the goods/services being promoted/sold.

When Does A Domain Name Affect Trademark Rights?

The short answer is “never”—a domain name, by itself, cannot confer any trademark rights on the domain name owner. This is because a domain name, by itself, does not create a consumer association between a company and its products. However, a business’s website that advertises or sells the company’s products or services can create this type of consumer association. In this sense, however, the content of the website itself creates trademark rights, not necessarily the domain name.

I see a UDRP coming your way


In order to acquire the name there will need to be some bad faith on behalf of the domain name owner. For example, just because someone has the domain name doesn’t mean they have to give it to you because you own the trademark; they could own the trademark too. A good example is Dove chocolate and Dove soap. Who has the right to dove. com, they both do, so first come first serve.

The UDRP Administrative Procedure is only available for disputes concerning an alleged abusive registration of a domain name; that is, which meet the following criteria:

(i) the domain name registered by the domain name registrant is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complainant (the person or entity bringing the complaint) has rights.

(ii) the domain name registrant has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name in question;

(iii) the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

I don’t know if you are just clueless or talking out of your ass just to convince someone to actually buy the domain.

What you are saying is not true. The domain is InstagramAnalytics, There is literally no other use for it other than Instagram related services.

This domain is worth $0.


Exactly what Yair said. There’s no way you can use the domain without it being considered ‘bad faith’ from an Instagram POV.

You are quite literally using the word Instagram which directly implies you are tied with Meta in some way. That is more than enough for them to seize the domain.

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Thank you for your concern thoe.
Happy @geg1700 found him a backup partner.

It’s a different spelling :joy::joy:


Oh god…

Read Disclaimer & privacy policy!

And if you’d not mind finding another thread to self project your negative energy and envy that would eb amazing.

If i took a $hiT i bet you would be there to bash my Charmin ultra soft toilet paper.

From previous experience, the UDRP only comes when you try to monetize the domain using the branding of the actual trademark.

So, in theory this domain is perfectly safe until the final end buyer decides to setup whatever they want to setup, that is only when the risk actually begins.

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I see you edited your post again.

You clearly do not know how to work semrush.

And for the last time.


So a website report is not relevant.


No one goes on google and types in instagramanalytics

But they will go on and type in “Instagram analyxxxx “
Or “instagramanalyxxxx. com”

I hope you tried some of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream :icecream: #cooldown