1 letter YouTube URL

link format: YouTube.com/username , YouTube.com/user/username

PRICE: $5,000 (negotiable)
C/O: $2,500

very rare 1 letter YouTube url.

Only hint: 1 + 2 = 3

Accepting BTC only

fee paid by buyer

If you really know what you’re doing with this, it’s amazing marketing for anyone’s YouTube channel / company brand. The URL can be redirected to another channel, the account is able to upload, stream videos, and I believe it’s able to be monetized.

I guess that’s rare enough :smiley:

Can you send me link

dm link please

kindly pm link

Sent the link to everyone

Link Please

Link please


What’s wrong with paypal?

I don’t accept it. End of discussion about PayPal

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Can you send me the link please.

link please


Updated the offer

Come buy this :slight_smile:




Handle please

link pls