100% Guranteed Remove Disable/Resticted Buisness Manager from page Through REP

Remove any Disable/Resticted Buisness manager From Page Through Rep!

Hello swapd people’s,

1.Your buisness manager is resticted?
2.Your buisness manager admin account or Buisness manager was disable?

Now you can’t remove the buisness manager from page?:grinning:

I am here i can remove any disable/Resticted Buisness manager from page with 100% Gurantee!:wink:


• 500$-5k$ (Depend on page)


• 1-7 days(most of complete in 24-48 hours)

Requre Things:

•Buisness account Name
•Buisness account ID
•Screenshot of Restiction/Disable

DM me with case :slightly_smiling_face:

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