100 Tweets from Big KOLS in crypto space Twitter (X) or RT service

Hello, crypto enthusiasts and innovators!

Are you looking to skyrocket the visibility of your crypto project? Look no further! Our influencer marketing agency is here to propel your project into the limelight. Specializing in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, we focus on promoting memecoins, altcoins, and reputable online casinos.

Why Choose Us?

  • Exclusive Partnerships: We are proud to collaborate with esteemed platforms such as BC Game and OKX Exchange, also with legitimate altcoins and memecoins.
  • Massive Outreach: Our service boasts the ability to deliver a whopping 100 tweets from leading crypto KOLs in the industry, ensuring your project gains unprecedented exposure.
  • Quality Assurance: We stand by the quality of our promotions, steering clear of promoting so-called “shitcoins.” Our commitment is towards genuine, promising projects only.
  • Versatile Promotion Strategies: Whether it’s impactful Tweets, engaging Quote Tweets, or strategic Retweets, we tailor our approach to suit your project’s unique needs.
  • Rapid and Round-the-Clock Service: Our team is ready to spring into action 24/7, guaranteeing fast delivery times to keep up with the fast-paced crypto market.
  • Extensive Experience: With 6 years of deep-rooted experience in the crypto market, our expertise is unmatched.
  • Optimal Timing: With the market currently on an upswing, there’s no better time than now for influencer marketing on Twitter, where the vibrant crypto community thrives.
  • YouTube Collaboration: Beyond Twitter, we’re also in partnership with over 15 prominent crypto YouTubers, expanding your project’s reach even further.

Let’s Connect!

Interested in taking your crypto project to new heights? Send me a PM to get started. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of our services and how we can tailor our marketing strategies to meet your needs.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make your mark in the crypto world with the help of seasoned professionals. Contact us now, and let’s make your project the next big thing in the crypto community!



Pm me the details? Where it will be trended etc.
Most are fake usually.

Trending in twitter, we are curently working with $DUKO and $SMOG in solana.

Also with bcGAME and OKX exchange.

could you please send me the details on this? we would like to get started soon

Sent details in PM.

Today we have an amazing PROMO :slight_smile:

Hey Check dm and start it asap

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ok sure