100k Subs SOCCER channel (Monetized) For sale! Lowered for 3,800$

Amount of subscribers: 104.000
Country of subscribers (majority): Brasil
Topic/Niche: soccer /best moments of soccer
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): organic, networks and paid

Description: This is a great channel in the football niche / best gaming moments, it is possible to monetize again, it has not yet been requested to sign up to 100k subscribers, so it is still possible to request it, if you have questions you can contact me, it has already been made about 15 thousand dollars with this channel.

Please turn your listing into English and I will relist it for you. Thank you


hey! how are you? Done! I change the description for english :smile:

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Is the monetization open. Are you currently earning money from the channel. PM the username I will check it out and decide If I will an offer.

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Has the 100k plaque been claimed?

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hey @Blum the 100k board has not been claimed yet

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whats the current offer? all of it’s views is from Brazil i think 6k is way too much …

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Hi bro, how are you? the actual offer is 4,400$.


Reason for Sale?

PM link and current offer - also please send up to date analytics.

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link please


Link pls

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Link plz is it monetised now

Hey! I lowered the price for 3,800$ + All fees