102K Verified TikTok

This is a Verified Humour/ Meme Tiktok Account with 102,868 Followers and 1.4 Likes.
The majority of the followers are from France and have 80% Female Based Audience.
The engagement has got down a little this month because of inactivity but you can easily back that up by posting constantly.

You can change the Username and Keep the Badge. I wanted to sell the account to someone who could use the verified badge for their Own Personal or Business related Advantage.

Payment Method: Transferwise (Preferred), Bank Wire, Paypal

username please

@Jazz Sent.

Best offer till now ?

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Pm me username and price

@Wix Sent. Check PM.

@Protive Sent as well. Check PM.

Best offer?

@Reignco Sent :slight_smile:

Pm link As well

@Reignco Done right now.


User please

@Jmra and @Andressbaguirre Sent, check PM :slight_smile:

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pm final price and user

Handle and final price?

handle and price?

Name please

@jakeshaw @JimmyGee @seany5 @Dante666
Sent to all, check your PM :slight_smile:

Handle and price?