[$1050] Youtube Verification NO REQUIREMENTS is back! UNDER 100K [0-72H TAT]

Service type: We will verify literally any YouTube channel, it doesn’t matter if it has 200k, 20k or just 2 subscriptions - will verify everything!
Price: $1050 + SWAPD fees
TAT: 0-72 hours
Requirements: Channel can’t be monetized / rejected from monetization. Temporary owner invite is needed through Brand Access.

Additionally we can verify channels with e.g. Gambling or OnlyFans niche as well but it’s a bit more expensive. If your channel covers this topic, please contact us first!

Price $1300 for first 3 customers, price will increase thereafter.

I encourage you to ask questions. I am here to meet your expectations with professionalism and care! :heart:

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When you say monetized, do you mean Adsense?

Hey @henny! Youtube Partner Program

Can we have monetization turned off and then request verification? (then turn it back on)?

Yes. Please PM me to discuss details.

Hi sir, 500$ and deal?

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