10K followers blue verified Facebook page for sale(i verified it by myself)

Country of followers (majority): Philippines
Amount of followers: 10k
Topic/Niche: Corporation
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Promotion

Description: I got this page verified by myself today. It has a small risk. The name i have used to get it verified doesn’t belong to me so i think you should use it after slight change in page name to be on the safe side. Rest is safe. Since i got it verified on my own, this is the safest blue verified page as there won’t be risk of claim and stuff whatsoever. I just need an offer that would satisfy me. Probably something above 1k$.


That’s very low. Thanks for the offer.

hit me a pm with page link

no problem

Pmed. Anyone else

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Need some more offers

Could you please provide me the name?



PM url.

Send me the link

Doing For 800$ only. Hmu asap.

Page just got sold offline to my friend’s friend. Thank you everyone. Please close this thread @Administrators

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