110k Instagram Food Account For Sale

Property type: Instagram account
Amount of fans/followers: 110.000 Followers
Country of followers (majority):

Topic/Niche: Food
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: dm likes
Price: $2000,-

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$180 offer right now

Thanks for bumping

Can we work out a deal?

You think we can workout a deal when the price is 2000$ and you offer 180$?

All activity is from bots and you cant sell because of that. So yes

I don’t use bots + I already had offers over 1000$ so far. I don’t have to sell, because the account is still growing a lot.

If your so good at selling, it’ll give you a 53K account for $200. And then I will pay you $200 if you sell it to anybody for over 500 in a year

Pm me the username.

Lol you’re selling a dead account, without posts. My account is active, grows daily. If you don’t see a difference, than please just leave the market.

This is never going to be a deal, so please stop posting in my topic. Thanks.

I only do story posts lol, goodbye

Pm Me :v:t5:

PM handle

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