122K Space/Science IG w. good handle for sale

Country of followers (majority): USA/INT
Amount of followers: 122K
Topic/Niche: Space, astronomy & science
Does it include the OG (original) email?: No, but with current
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


Selling this IG because I don’t got the time or the will to keep it growing. Going back to college soon too.

I have only posted Stories the past months, once or twice a week, with good decent reach. Have not really tried to make it grow or keep it alive,the potential is there.
Some time back, when I was finding new and good content, I mainly posted Reels which worked really well.

Edit (21/11): just posted a reel, got 300K+ views and 20K likes. Reels do very well.

It does not come with OGE but with current. I’ve had the account for quite some time without any issues at all, I also know the former owner.

I would prefer payment in Bitcoin.

I’ve been very careful with how I run the IG and I have cultivated several relationships with other serious IG acc’s for future business.

Always posted good content with good captions regarding the subject, information for educational purposes. It’s seen as a serious and trustworthy account and not just your average acc like:

" :fire::fire::ringer_planet::ringer_planet::artificial_satellite::artificial_satellite: OMG! What’s Your Favourite Picture?! :fire::fire: Follow us and clink Link in bio :fire: "

…with content that all the other pages also posts 2534 times every week.

Also had a business on Shopify that sold products related to this topic with the help of the account which went pretty well, so a lot of potential here. But due to tax issues within the EU and Covid I stopped doing that.

Changed from Best offer to a price tag.

Can you pm the handle?

Still available

Still available.

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