125.000 Subscriber YouTube Channel in the TikTok niche (87.1M views)

Amount of subscribers: 125.000
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: TikTok shorts videos
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): All organic


This channel is a promotion POWERHOUSE. It got 4.9 million views in the last 28 days and 87.1 million views since October 2020. The amount of views has slowed down a bit since its peak but is starting to pick up again. It is currently at over 600.000 views per 48 hours.

I was reluctant to sell this channel for a long time and rejected offers in the 10-20k range because it was worth so much more to me at the time. This has changed because I now have many more channels that are performing on a similar or higher level than this one. That is why I am now relisting this for 7.5k/Best Offer.

A single community tab promotion on this channel can bring anywhere from 5.000-30.000 views on the video you are promoting. All from one community tab post on this channel. Here is an example of the engagement with community tabs:

This video gained about 35.000 views through one single community tab post.

PM me for the link and check out the community tab section yourself. It’s a great way to drive views to smaller channels that you want to get to 4000 watch hours with. It’s also a great promo source for monetized channels since your videos get an initial view boost and that increases your chances of hitting the algorithm.

The channel was created on September 25th 2020 from scratch, so all subscribers were gained since then and are fresh + highly engaging.


As you can see the channel, despite declining slightly over the past months, still gets millions of views and thousands of new subscribers every month. Once you start actively posting again it should pick up in no time.

You could also rebrand it and start posting monetizable content or continue down the current path and use the promotions to the fullest.

So if you are looking for a channel that:

  1. has massive potential to continue growing
  2. doesn’t require large capital to upkeep
  3. can be used to send tens of thousands of views to another channel with just one community tab post

Then this is the perfect channel for you!

Please make sure you are ID verified before asking for the URL. Thanks!

Great love it.
Please PM me URL

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Link please

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why is it so expensive?
it’s not even monetized is it?

It is a great promo source. I use it to drive views to monetized channels. This channel itself is not monetized with the YPP. It does earn money by selling promos or promoting monetized channels though.

That being said, I’m open to hearing offers.

Please send link

ID verify yourself with @VERIFICATION, please. Once that’s done I can send you the link.