$125 | Google Knowledge Panel for Personal Brands (Musicians, authors, entrepreneurs, creators)

Service type: Google Knowledge Panel (GKP)
Basic $125 + fees (First few clients)
Advanced: $500 + fees

Hello Swapdsters!
Looking to establish a professional and credible online presence with a Google Knowledge Panel (GKP)? You’re at the right place!

Service Overview:
I specialize in creating and optimizing Google Knowledge Panels for individuals such as actors, musicians, models, authors, public figures, entrepreneurs, singers, and more. My service ensures that your online presence is both authoritative and accurate, helping you stand out in search results.


  • Full Name/Brand Name
  • Occupation
  • Detailed Description
  • Date of Birth
  • High-Quality Images
  • Place of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Official Website
  • Social Media Links

Why Work With Me?

Expert Knowledge: Extensive experience in creating and managing Google Knowledge Panels.
Timely Delivery: I ensure your panel is completed on schedule.
Responsive Communication: Quick replies to your queries and support requests.
Client Satisfaction: Dedicated to delivering a service that meets your expectations.
24/7 Availability: Support whenever you need it.

My service is aimed at helping you present verifiable and accurate information to enhance your online presence. The creation of a Google Knowledge Panel involves ensuring that all necessary details are available and optimized for Google’s algorithms.

If you’re ready to boost your online visibility, contact me now to get started!

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I’ve got clients ready for fast delivery?

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Yes, absolutely.

Let’s start some tickets. Please check your DM.

Send me a DM. I have questions.

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@jakeshaw @mobiletrainer

Please check DM. Giving special discounts to first few clients. Let’s get that GKP.

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Bump - interested. Please DM me :pray:

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Have been successfully delivering a few Google Knowledge Panel (GKP) outside of SWAPD. Looking forward to complete successful tickets here.

@DataDogs Please check DM for details.

Are these panels renamed individuals? Or are the fresh ones?

They are fresh Google Knowledge Panels (GKP) with your category, Date of birth, college etc.

Please explain the difference between your $125 option and the $500

Please check DM. I have sent you all the information and requirements to create a personal GKP. The basic price is to get you started with a basic knowledge panel with your name, category, date of birth. The advanced package can go up or down depending on the pre-requirements that you meet and a few other factors,

  • Existence of PR
  • Existing online presence
  • Panel category
  • Keyword competitiveness
    and a few more.

Discount for the first few clients on their Google knowledge panel creation. LFG!