135k Highly Targeted, USA Audience Pro-Trump Political FB Page [SOLD]


Property type: Political Facebook Page
Amount of fans/followers: 135k
Topic: Political, Donald Trump
Price: $6,000

Description: Active Pro-Trump political Facebook page, highly-targeted, older USA audience.

This page, of which I’m the original owner, was targeted at pro-Donald Trump users using a combination of FB ads and organic growth. As with any news page, posts can often be a hit or they can also miss, depending on the story and the title of the post.

I haven’t been as active on the page since the election, at which time I made several $$$$ from ad revenue from traffic being driven from this page. I’d like to get out of the political niche, which is the reason I’m offering this page for sale.

The audience can be VERY engaging on posts, especially video voting posts, which go crazy in reach. Politics is a sensitive topic, which always makes for great engagement.

Any questions, please let me know. Thanks.


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BTW, I didn’t get a chance to review this thoroughly, but initially, it looks like a very good property.



Please pm me the link to the page.



Please let me know the URL. Thanks.



Thanks for the reply.

If I were to post the link ( to my website ), how many clicks that page can send in average? Can I please see some screenshots of your posted links?

I saw you have the site already. How’s the traffic coming to the site from your page’s posts.


Edited: Sorry, I thought we are in DM. :slight_smile: I just deleted the links in my message.


Admin, can you kindly mark this as sold? Thanks!


I’m very interested however not at that price. Would you be willing to negotiate?