138k Youtube Channel 1.000$ Revenue each Month

Amount of subscribers: 138000
Country of subscribers (majority): Germany
Topic/Niche: Games
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Paid for Advertisment until I hit 6k Subs. Rest is organic Growth.

Description: I’m selling my Youtube Channel because I grew tired of Youtube and want to do other things now. The Channel is based mainly around Horror Game Content.
I Haven’t Uploaded a Video in 5 Months but the Channel still gets around 1.000.000 Million Views each Month and around 1.000$ in Revenue even with no Uploads.

Just hmu if you’re Interested

Can you please provide me the link on inbox? Thank you in advance.

Link bitte :wink:

Link please and which horror game?

Hey! Can offer $5,000. Hit me up if interested.

Can I buy your time for consulting?

You said ads till 6k then organic. Please, I’d love to learn more of the YouTube ppc/POV advertising world

Pm me if you’re open to this.

I sent you a message :slight_smile:

Link please


can you DM me?

I’m interested. Please DM

Link please

link please

please send to me the link

Send link pls

link please

Link please.

handle please

Please ID verify with us first, only then we will allow you to sell on SWAPD.