16m USA PAGE With Ad Breaks

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 15M
Promotion methods used? - Organic

Good page for Ecom . I don’t have time to manage . Only ID VERIFIED Contact me .

Link not working.

Can you send me the link

Interested, please send me the info

price and link from the page?

PM the link and price. I am very interested!

Interested but can you explain how a page with 15m likes only gets 10-20 shares per post? That is incredibly low for the number of followers.


send me url, thanks

send me the link

Yep and only 200 likes

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Link of the page plz…

Link Please. Seriosly Buyer

Link please

link and price please ?

Seller do you have an explanation for this?

Pm link please.


I’d like to see more. Can you send the link, please?

So you’re drilon? I was always confused who’s this blazer is :joy:

Send me your page