180k YouTube Gaming Channel

Amount of subscribers: 184,000
Country of subscribers (majority): Brazil
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):
None / Organic
Description: This channel was used for gaming for the past few years, it was monetized up until about August of 2019, made a total of over $3k. No Copyright / Community guidelines strikes. This channel gained a lot of its views and revenue from a now deleted anime that was posted back in summer 2019, which is why it has a large amount of Japanese views, but not many are subscribed.

Could you send me the link please?

Hey can you please provide me with the channel url so I can have a look

Can you send me the link?

Pm me link

links sent

Hello, can you give me the link and screen dashboard + monetization page?
Thanks !

Please send the link

PM. me I’ll buy it

Link please