2.1M Active Music Band Page US Top



Country of followers (majority):US
Amount of followers:2.1 M
Topic/Niche: Musical Band
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):Organic

Description: 2010 old musical band page Active for sale


hi, can you send me url and insights?


link sent


link and insights, please


link sent


Can you send me the link and insights


link sent


link plzz


link sent


Please send URL and insights and price


link sent


Link please


Link sent


Price and link please


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Is this listing active? I checked the URL and it’s 404. Should I close this ticket?


i was just checking how to close it because i change the url when the page name changed and make another post on swapd


i edit the url


Thank you for listing your property on SWAPD.

We have new policies in place requiring that all listings upload screenshots of the following pages:

  • User demographics (geolocation)
  • Recent activity

Virtually every potential buyer will ask for these two things from the start. To save time, please edit your original message and upload the requested data. Not only it will help you sell quicker, it will save you time from uploading the same screenshots to every potential buyer.

Please remember!

When posting screenshots, make sure you don’t reveal the URL/@Handle to the property. As you know, social profiles are subject to being deleted/hacked/etc. To protect your assets, protect their identities. Only send URLs/@handles to people who ask for it via a private message.

Failure to comply may result in the removal of your listing.

Thank you!



On the surface it looks active. Page represents an music artist, but it seems the page only now dishes out quotes.