New listings policies 08.08.2018. Sellers, please read


Starting today, we’re enforcing a mandatory screenshots upload for all social properties (YouTube/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest).

All new listings must include:

  1. A screenshot showing the demographics (follower/fan/subscriber geo-location)
  2. A screenshot showing the recent activity.

On top of this requirement, all questions/fields in our listing templates cannot be omitted. You must answer each question truthfully, no exceptions.

Why are we doing this?

To eliminate pointless messages asking for this data, as virtually every buyer asks for this data first.

Please be careful

When posting screenshots, make sure you don’t reveal the URL/@Handle to the property. As you know, social profiles are subject to being deleted/hacked/etc. To protect your assets, protect their identities. Only send URLs/@handles to people who ask for it via a private message.

Thank you!

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Thanks guys. Enjoying the new layout and transparency. Know it takes work so much appreciated.