2 health niche pages.....! Extra price

Country of followers (majority): in/ph/usa
Amount of fans/followers: 252k + 73k
Topic/Niche: health
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): all organic , the 73k page was grown using facefook promotion …

Description: i was gettign relly nice traffic from the both of the pages but i have started new work and now i dont have a time to manage it…the funs are relly active you just need to post it daily…all fans are from facebook ad promotion where i have spend xx xxx…getting arround 1k clicks per article…



could you send me the urls please.


Price updated…this is the lower price that i can give since i have spend xx xxx to build the audience.

Need to sell it asap…price lowered to the ground…

Bumppp price in down again…

bumppp more pic added

Bumppppp new price

Is the price for both pages? If yes press the checkout button!

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