2 x Instagram interior pages, total over 1.3 million followers

Country of followers (majority): 1. page: US, UK, Germany, Italy, France (& Scandinavian countries as we are from Finland). 2. page: US, Brasil, Germany, UK.

Amount of followers: 1. page: 870k followers, 2. page: 505k followers.

Topic/Niche: Interior decor, real estate, design (& accessories).

Does it include the OG (original) email?: We don’t have the OG emails as the OG emails were personal emails of the both page founders. We have acquired these pages around 2 years ago when they both were around 300k followers.

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): We have done shoutout-for-shoutouts with other similar pages and we have also done some giveaways with our clients. We haven’t participated in any loop giveaways - the only ones have been done directly in cooperation with brands.


We are selling two Instagram pages in interior decor / real estate category. At the moment we have a small (3 persons) digital marketing agency and Instagram pages has been a one source of revenue to us. Our focus is currently changing more to our ecommerce venture and our upcoming software product. We are selling these pages because we are developing new software startup which needs to be funded.

We work with brands and companies on a daily basis - some of our clients (in these particular Instagram pages) are Hilton Hotels, Igloo Hotels Finland, Evok Collection Hotels Paris etc and lots of interior decor and women’s accessories brands.

In 2018 we generated approximately 85.000€ in revenue from these pages alone. We work with 2 media agencies (one in Finland and one in UK) who offers promotions to our pages from time to time. We also contact companies directly on a weekly basis.

Notice: We don’t work with dropship or other small companies because the promotion prices are generally way too low. We are charging (on one page) around 800-1500€ per feed promotion (usually carousel post) and 200-500€ per story promotion (usually several story posts). We are also doing affiliate deals based on clicks (not sales) which are generating anywhere from 50-500 USD per one story post (depending on swipe ups).

Instagram pages won’t generate income alone, you need to work for it. There are lots of opportunities; brand deals, one-time promotions, branding & selling own products, affiliate marketing etc.


  • We are registered company in Finland.
  • Payment in USD or EUR.
  • We do NOT sell these pages separately.
  • We can send proof of income 2018 and/or few invoices to Swapd staff member who can review and confirm them. We won’t show them public.
  • Trade does NOT include or transfer our agreement with media companies we work with.

Screenshots from larger (870k) page below. Please ask for more detailed info via PM if interested. Only for serious buyers. Price is negotiable but notice our yearly revenue before making offers.

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We will also need you to upload screenshots of demographics and activity for the smaller account too.

Thank you.

Here are screenshots from smaller (505k) account:

Hi, can you please PM me the handle and final price. Thanks!

Hi there, can you please PM me the handles. Thanks!

Please contact ASAP


Could you please pm me the handle please?

hi. please kindly provide any other details you have about the page. you can also show proof of income without providing sensitive information from the insights/paypal etc page.

Also please let me know both the account handles.


Hello, I am interesting in buy both page please contact me as soon as possible

Im interested in it can you pls send handle

I would like to make an offer.

Please pm me the handles and the price you are asking for both. And for each if you sells them separately.

Thank you,

Replied all!

Usernames please

Hey, can I get the username?

Replied all!

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