[$200] Spotify User Verification, This is Playlist, Pre-verified accounts! [Guaranteed, cheapest]


Currently, I may be the only person to verify your Spotify account. Need pre-verified account? Got you!
I can also create a This is Playlist for you, that will contain your bests songs.

What do we offer?

  • Spotify Verification on your account
    I can verify your personal account. I need to have access to your account and know your e-mail address (not to worry, topic is insured and I won’t change anything on your account).

    Price: $279
    TAT: 4-7 days

  • Pre-verified accounts
    Ready accounts with existing verification. You can change anything on the account to whatever you want!

    Price: $200
    TAT: 0-2 days

  • This Is… official Spotify playlist
    Playlist will be generated from your discography. Image on playlist will show your albums/singles. Basic info (e-mail) needed.

    Price: $150
    TAT: 0-2 days




Big vouch for @Rep :slight_smile: He verified my Spotify account within a few days and communicated very well during the process. Highly recommended!

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Thank you! Very good buyer :purple_heart:

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Vouch, great seller and great communication

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Verified 6+ accounts on-site!

Buy verification for your Spotify user account now :3

From now on, I may require access to account you need to verify (I will let you know before-hand if it’s needed).

The topic is image so don’t worry about your account!

Because of very high chance that the access will be needed, I may be the only person who can verify your account on-site.

I have also added ‘This is Playlist’ as a service, which we can do under 24 hours in most cases.