200$ Tiktok Verification Tab/Submit

Selling tiktoks with verification submit tab directly on account instead of going to online support.
the benefits of this is faster response time and better success rate
come get your own account verified & change name ect.
I can create it under your desired name and email or you can buy an account with tab already created account that is aged
Everything changeable on the accounts already created
All low follower 0-2k
In Stock :
0 follower x3
300 follower
2k follower
1k follower

I can do submissions if you meet requirements on fresh account and pay after for higher price just send me a message

Lol 200 really (Thanks for that price i Will buy mine):flushed: Tiktok verify account valué is changing a lot…


I’m a bit confused about your post. Are you selling verified accounts or accounts that have a verification tab? Can you clarify?

If you are selling accounts that have a verification tab, please consider changing the title.

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Misleading Title, what are you selling? A TikTok Verification Service, A pre-verified Account or an account with the function to apply for verification within the TikTok App? Please clarify and update the title/relevant info in your post.



I’m ready to start a ticket