203k Super Active 3M Reach a Month Memes Page (8K USA)

Country of followers (majority): Mexico
Amount of followers: 202k
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):Organic

The page got mistakenly unpublished 20 days ago by FB and then was re-published by them because they knew they made a mistake.

The page is barely 1 year old, got viral and then kept growing. grew 7k followers in the past 28 days. also has 8k people from the US.

Please offer me.

Link and price


link and price


Link and price pls

Please link ?



Link and price

Still selling. The page was unpublished by mistake and got republished by FB

link and price please in pm.


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Guys im selling for cheap hit me up

link and your offer


Sold on a different platform

What if we talked on SwapD and decided to do the deal off-site to avoid the fees? is that ok? @Swapd

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@Yair1238 banned for selling off-site. You are not allowed to sell anywhere else (ever) if a property has been listed here.