24.6k Football (NFL CFB HSFB) for sale. Regularly hit explore page

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 24,682
Topic/Niche: American Football
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic (some engagement networks)

Although I’d rather not sell to be perfectly honest, my family is deeply hurting from the current state of the economy. I purchased this account at the start of this football season and grew it 5-7k followers personally throughout the season. I ended up letting the account go inactive because I had too many projects going and finding good content for this account (and others I run) was getting in the way.

This account was nuts for me compared to any other accounts I have run. As long as everything was on point, hundreds of thousands of views was very easy to reach. I even got close to 1m views (861k) on one video! For anyone in the sports and football niche, you should know how rare it is to have the opportunity to buy a large account with an engaged following like this one. Hopefully this account will help someone find the following that meets their needs!

Please feel free to ask questions or send bids. I’m highly motivated to sell, but need a good price. I’ll be checking the thread and my messages often.

Starting bid $1000

Looks good! Is the OGE a Gmail?

yes gmail

Last post 4 months ago?
Could you post something so we can see if still alive. Ill make offer then

Just posted something. I’ll screenshot the results for public viewing on this thread. I’ll pm you the link so you can follow it privately.

A bid of $1000 has been submitted. You have until Monday morning to submit a higher bid or else we will close the offering at $1000.

People have been asking to see a new post so I made one on Thurs 4/23. Here are the current insights:

It only got 1500 views so far which is definitely low. However, the likes to reach ratio shows that the following is doing their part. IG algorithm is working against us until we can prove consistent posting again. I see this as a bittersweet positive.

Also, I’ll continue posting daily until there is a finalized purchase agreement. This way, the algorithm will be closer to opening the gates for whoever ends up buying the account.

High bid still $1000. Had a few other interested parties. Monday morning still deadline to beat 1000 bid.

Here’s insights from a carousel images post from Friday evening 4/24.

Algo still hiding us from explore page, so good numbers for only being shown to our following.

Still waiting for confirmation from the current high bidder. Last chance to beat $1000 bid.

$1k might be the highest bid you’ll get for a 4 month old inactive 24k page (no matter the niche), that currently reaches 5k people on new posts.

Fair point. Once the algo opens the explore page again, reach will explode to previous levels.

I’m only selling because the current economy has forced my hand. I personally value the account much higher than what I’m offering to sell for.


This post was from Tuesday mid morning. It only has 4k views, but the engagement rate is booming and we are being seen on the explore page again! I think the account is close to getting back to full activity level from the algorithm. Next few posts will help confirm that.

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send handle


Can you DM me the handle? Also what is the current high offer? I would like to purchase this soon if possible.

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