254k USA Humor Community FB Page | 99% US Audience | Adbreaks Monetisable | 0 Breaches

Country of followers (majority): 248k USA
Amount of followers: 254k
Topic/Niche: Humor
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


No merge rename bans
No violations
Adbreak will be Eligible in a few days ( Current Status : no data for past 60 days )
Page requires hardly a week or two with constant posting ( I’ll help the buyer finding the viral content too, to make this page super active and growing again at the same time making good money from it through adbreaks)


I believe you meant to say USA audience, not UK?

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Ohh yes US not UK. Sorry my bad :sweat_smile: was confused with another page.

What’s the price for me? I’m not into fb at all, but I wanna get a page again.

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I’ve sent you a PM please check.

Please send link and price

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send me link and price

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Link has been sent!

You never run out of stock, man how many pages do you have?:grin:
Good luck with sale.

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:joy: thankyou brother.

can you pm the price for this one? thanks bro

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Link and price plz :slight_smile:

please give me link and price

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PMed everyone!

link, please

Please name your price?


pm url bro

pm link and price

Adbreak is Monetisable now!!