280k active premium page with (365k followers) for sell



Country of followers (majority): usa,uk, canada, philpine
Amount of followers: 365k
Topic/Niche: hip hop/celeb
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): s4s and mostly organic


I am selling this page have 365k followers page is hell active getting 10k+ likes a week just with posting. My friend grow it from 0 likes. I attached screenshot below of insight


link please .


Sent pm


You’ve shown people followed and reach, can we see the Your Fans screenshot? Thanks.


@Swapd Edited the post now you can see fans in first screen shot


Given premium tag. Thanks and good luck with sales!




Does this page belong to you, like 100%? Because you said your friend grew it.


Pm link please


please pm link


Yeah it’s belong to me my friend sold to me sometime ago he was needed money ,…


Please send me Link and Price.


link plz!


Link please


Ib name and link please


Link please?


Sent pm