292k Crypto Account, organic with High Engagement

Amount of followers: 292.000
Country of followers (majority): Worldwide
Topic/Niche: Crypto
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Right now growing much every day organic. Real followers.

Description: Selling 292k Twitter account, organic, real followers with High engagement.
+10k views, +400 likes and +1000 RTs per post!

Ideal to use it for presales, referral codes, improving other crypto accounts, paid posts… You will get back your investment easily.
Very valuable account.

$500 for a giveaway account is fair. Deal?

It’s a very active account. Sure many of you will value it. The price is negotiable and I can lower it but I need good offers :slight_smile:

Interested in buying!

I’m receiving many PMs. All of them are answered!
Growing every day in organic and increasing engagement.
Many of you are interested but it will be available until someone starts a Checkout Ticket. I can’t reserve the account.

Updated with Analytics!

Send me a PM if you’re interested!

Can you PM handle?

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PMs sent!
Price updated with a big discount! It will be sold soon!

I’ll give you $800 final. Very generous for a giveaway/ bottled account

Send me DM with account handle

It’s still available. It’s a very good account and I don’t want to rush selling it.
Many are interested, and there are good offers but don’t reach the minimum amount I want.
Very close to being sold. DMs sent!
Send me a DM quickly if you’re interested!

I am interested and will pay you 1600 dollar for it

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Please send me the handle