300 x Swedish Facebook pages - 9M total likes



Sure, i will send you a PM :slight_smile:


Hey man send me off list and the current best offers, possible to break in 1/2 or keep as whole? Regardless send message


Sent PM


An little update as well:

Facebook Ad Breaks will be coming to Sweden this September, and depending on how many videos one would publish per day so can this pages together bring in around 2 million to 10 million video views per day.


Would like to check the page out. Thanks


Well it is not one page, but 300 pages.



Bumping this thread with little statistics of recent article from one of the bigger pages:

I have not recieved any offer on all pages yet,


Plz send link n budget


I have requested more info from you you haven’t replied??? Are the pages still for sale or not?


Sent you pm


Sent PM


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