300K+ Gaming Youtube Channel (USA/UK) $4K price

Amount of subscribers: 303,000
Country of subscribers (majority): United States/United Kingdom
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): ALL organic.

Description: A gaming channel that did gaming compilations (mainly fortnite) can be turned around into pretty much anything. Has 300k. DM or if you have anymore question just reply. Monetization not up but can get it pretty easily or join MCN etc.

pic 2 pic 3


Pm me link

Page link please

there u go

Please dm link

Original content ?

DM the link.

I am interested. Can the channel link

Can you DM the link?

Are this stats really from this channel. you have no videos or have deleted them for some reason and in your stats it shows 884 views
Something is off


It honestly seems like another channel that is overpriced to me that should be worth 500-1000 at best


yes the old videos got deleted it was called “Fortnite Fantasy” then i sold it re bought it back and now this is the channel. I have a bunch of old screenshots of the videos and stuff.

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Chanel is worth 200 if you want to be real it has no worth with no engagement or active subs if you want I want I will buy for 200

inbox link and lets talk about price

thanks but its nowhere near 200. if you legit upload the content that people subbed for you can get back on the views. it just takes time. its way better than starting from scratch. people in this site just want everything gifted to them and thats not how it works lol

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It was an over exaggerated joke bro but you cant lie it is kind of overpriced it should be 1-2k as a fair price

I can do $1000 on it.