40K Following Twitter Account In Retro Niche


Property type: Twitter Account With Accompanying Facebook Page
Amount of fans/followers: 38,000+ Twitter Followers & 1500+ Facebook Likes
Fanbase Location: Predominately United States
Niche: Retro/80s/90s
Price: $300 USD

Overview: The Twitter account has been around since 2013 and has been grown organically to a fanbase of more than 38,000 people. The Facebook page has managed to grow to 1500 likes, which are mainly from the hardcore fans from the Twitter account (as that’s the only place it was promoted), and this is reflected in the high engagement for such a small page.

The Twitter account has the potential to exceed a million monthly tweet impressions if the tweets are published frequently. The stats for the last 28 days show that 644,000 impressions were received on 148 tweets (which is 4000+ impressions PER TWEET), meaning 10 tweets a day consistently would likely get the account to that point. Based on the tweets from the last few weeks, it seems that most receive upwards of 150 engagements (accounting for favourites, retweets, replies, clicks, etc.) which is great for less than 40K followers.

Most posts to the Facebook page reach hundreds of people, which is very high as it only has 1500 total likes. From that reach, a post generally receives 35-50 likes with additional activity in the form of comments and shares on most as well.

The accounts have not been monetized aside from a few sponsored tweets. The original plan was to launch a blog and link to each image on the blog instead of posting them directly, monetizing with Adsense on the website, however we do not have time to manage our accounts anymore so are letting them go.

In addition to the Twitter account and Facebook page, this sale includes folders with more than 1000 curated and high quality images that are ready to be published to the accounts. This should be enough content to last several months so the buyer can take over, schedule the prepared content, then have time on their hands to focus on the more important aspects of the Twitter business.

Please send us a message if you have any questions about the accounts or want to proceed with the sale. As specified above, the asking price is $300 USD (this includes the Swapd and PayPal transaction fees) but if that price cannot be achieved then it will be sold to whoever makes the best offer. I’ll end this description with some analytics and demographic screenshots. Thank you all for your time :slight_smile:

Twitter Analytics:

Facebook Analytics:


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Still available :slight_smile:


@opsocialteam is this still available? If so, please DM me so we can further discuss. I’ll be making my account purchases today.


Hey if the twitter account is still available, would you mind pming me the info! Appreciate it!


Hi if this is still available can you please let me know the handle in a DM. Thank you


please DM me if the account is still available


PM details !!!


Interested. Could you PM details if possible? thanks!


@opsocialteam do you still have this account? Or can I close the topic??


Whoops, this was in fact sold a while ago now. Please close this one, thanks admin! :slight_smile: