44k instagram account[cheap price]

Property type: instagram account
Amount of fans/followers: +42700 followers
Topic: Automotive (motorcycles,helmets…)

Description:a high engagement automotive account (Motorcycles,Helmets NICH) with over
42k followers,and growing additional 500-1500 followers daily
Full monthly Iconosquare reporting is available for the account throughout its growth from month one.
The account gets an average of 4,000-11,000 likes per photo and 20-200 comments , with some reaching between 30k-382k !
the account posts gets in the top 9 hashtags with 200k-4M posts in just few hours due to high quality of content!
The account has 87% Male Followers - 13% Female Followers,
Age 18-34, majority from the United states .


Thread approved. If you happen to find a buyer, please use http://checkout.swapd.co for the transaction.

Thanks :pray:

Pm me really appreciate in treated in buying

Still open up ??